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The Counselor...

por Tomates e Grelos, em 28.07.14

The counselor's condominium bedroom. The curtains are drawn and it is all but dark in the room. The view is from the rear of the bed and of two figures in the bed. The dialog is muffled at times by the bed covers and it therefore appears in SUBTITLES on the screen.


Laura   -   Are you awake?
Counselor   -   No.
Laura   -   Okay.
Counselor   -   What time is it?
Laura   -   Two o'clock. Almost two o'clock.
Counselor   -   Two o'clock what.
Laura   -   What?
Counselor   -   AM or PM.
Laura   -   You’re not serious.
Counselor   -   Not entirely.
Laura   -   It’s afternoon.
Counselor   -   I know. God you’re a sexy woman. What time is your flight?
Laura   -   Seven-forty.
Counselor   -   What are you doing?
Laura   -   I’m not doing anything.
Counselor   -   They’re going to take me out of here on a gurney.
Laura   -   We could talk.
Counselor   -   Do you think we should have some coffee?
Laura   -   You think that we should have coffee.
Counselor   -   I guess not.
Laura   -   I haven't seen you for two weeks. And I have to go back this evening.
Counselor   -   I know. Tell me something sexy. Words are everything to a man.
Laura   -   Okay.
Counselor   -   Well.
Laura   -   I’m thinking.
Counselor   -   Okay.
Laura   -   I want you to put your hand up my dress.
Counselor   -   You’re not wearing a dress.
Laura   -   What does that have to do with it? It’s something you like for me to say.
Counselor   -   I know. But it has to be real, doesn't it?
Laura   -   All right. I want you to put your hand inside my panties.
Counselor   -   It’s the same problem. Maybe you should just say what it is that you want me to do.
Laura   -   I want you to touch me.
Counselor   -   You want me to touch you where.
Laura   -   I want you to touch me down there.
Counselor   -   You really do.
Laura   -   I really do.
Counselor   -   Say it more sexy.
Laura   -   I want you to touch it.
Counselor   -   God. Are you wet?
Laura   -   Yes. Ooh. Baby?
Counselor   -   God. You’re sopping.
Laura   -   I know.
Counselor   -   How did you get yourself into such a state?
Laura   -   Ooh. From thinking about you.
Counselor   -   From thinking about me what.
Laura   -   From thinking about your sweet face between my legs.
Counselor   -   God, woman.
Laura   -   Baby? Ooh. I think I should go tidy up.
Counselor   -   I don't want you to. I want you all over me.
Laura   -   Are you sure?
Counselor   -   Very sure.
Laura   -   All right.
Counselor   -   How did you get to be such a bad girl?
Laura   -   It was from hanging out with you. Can I tell you something?
Counselor   -   Of course.
Laura   -   I think you outdid yourself last night. I thought I would never stop coming.
Counselor   -   You know what that does to a man’s ego?
Laura   -   I do. Shall I go on?
Counselor   -   Please.
Laura   -   God. Slow. Slow. God. How do you know how to do that?
Counselor   -   From hanging out with really nasty girls.
Laura   -   You’ve ruined me. You know that.
Counselor   -   I hope so. God. You have the most luscious pussy in all of Christendom. Did you know that?
Laura   -   What do girls say when you do that?
Counselor   -   There aren't any girls. There’s just you.
Laura   -   But there have been.
Counselor   -   A long time ago. I don't remember.
Laura   -   Yes you do.
Counselor   -   Do you really want to know?
Laura   -   Yes. I do.
Counselor   -   Okay. They usually would say one of two things. Either Oh my God, or Jesus Christ. But nearly always some-thing religious like that.
Laura   -   You’re pretty funny.
Counselor   -   Women like to be amused. Tell me what to do.
Laura   -   You know what to do.
Counselor   -   Tell me.
Laura   -   What if I shock you?
Counselor   -   Too bad.
Laura   -   Are you sure?
Counselor   -   Yes.
Laura   -   Okay. I want you to finger fuck me.
Counselor   -   What?
Laura   -   You heard me.
Counselor   -   I cant believe you said that.
Laura   -   Believe it.
Counselor   -   You’ve reached a whole new level of depravity, haven't you? I thought that didn't mean that much to girls.
Laura   -   Depends on the girl.
Counselor   -   You really do.
Laura   -   I want you to stick your finger up me and find my spot and push on it.
Counselor   -   Jesus. Right now?
Laura   -   No. On Thursday.
Counselor   -   God.
Laura   -   Ooh. God. Yes. Yes. Ooh. I thought you didn't know how to do that?
Counselor   -   I never said that. God you are luscious.
Laura   -   Shh.
Counselor   -   Okay.
Laura   -   Shh. Oh. God. Oh my God.

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